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My name is Juphini Aguavar. I was born in Orwell Ohio but I grew up in a small town called Aliquippa PA. My overall upbringing stretches from my beloved Brooklyn NY to Charleston WV. I can honestly say I have seen everything but Death. From homelessness at a very young age, to incarceration, I have bathed in the muddy cesspools of life while managing to remain untarnished. My pen name was given to me by an old Sicilian gentlemen. Every time he would see me he would smile and grab my hand and say "Juphini". One day I asked one of his aides what it meant and he told me it means Lost Prince. So I embraced the name wholeheartedly. Most of my life experiences you will find between the pages of my many masterpieces. Maybe one day I will even tell my whole truth. Maybe... Until than Enjoy my latest Opus All The Kings Men V1 Heavy is the Crown..Love y'all

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Heavy Is The Crown

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Heavy is the crown